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SEO is all about obtaining good quality links from authoritative sites and promoting your business online. Being high in the google index is like free advertising for your business and virtually generates guaranteed website traffic  Since Google Penguin and the latest Hummingbird updates, some sites have lost all traction in the Google index, though the sites in our networks held their ranking.

Don’t just leave your site in the hands of anyone. If your Search Engine Marketing is done incorrectly, Google will penalise your site and even go as far as de-indexing the site. At Blulinks SEO we have extensive experience and have the added experience of other experts in the field. Names like Kotton Grammar and Gregory Ortiz. Both these colleagues are ranking for New York City SEO and Chicago SEO. So our search optimisation methods are among the best in the field.

Think of your business as a three step process.

  1. Find out how much not being at #1 is costing your business. To do this, we find out what people are looking for in your industry and uncover lucrative keywords.
  2. Through a planned strategy place your business in front of your customers. Provide solutions to their major frustrations and problems. Then using SEO/SEM, we get your site and other media channels in front of your client’s eyes and make you the go-to place for solutions.
  3. Watch your business take off with the knowledge, customers that your business can help, are finding you and reaching out to you.

For us to fully assist you to get into the right position, please fill out our discovery form. We will be in touch with you within 72 hours. For more information see our SEO Agency in Sydney

Call Lloyd Turner on 0427 737 343 for a full private online consultation to find out what Services are available for you and your business and discover your next steps.

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Let's face it, you want a return on your investment and we get that. Our SEO is all about return on your investment. We've realised we have to be affordable, we set our prices so you can recoup your investment with a few extra sales a month and yet still be adding new clients to your list every day.

Working As A Team

We know how important it is to be able to talk to a real person when you need something done. As a client of ours you will have our emails and mobile phone numbers with comlete transparency, to give you peace of mind. Where to help you grow and expand your business online and take the load of you so you can do the things you enjoy.

Reports Monthly

Like to know what's going and where you are in the search engines. Every month we'll send you a report outlining your growth and rankings. We can even track your leads and conversions from your online growth. After all business is a numbers game. Once you know the numbers we know where we can get the most leverage in your business by following our business model to online success.


We study SEO. The field changes all the time and if your not in the loop you can actually be doing things that can harm your site, and get it penalised in google. We are constantly connecting with mastermind groups, where some of the world’s best SEOs discuss changes. We swap strategies, what’s working and what's not. We keep up with the latest shifts in our industry and you reap the benefits firsthand.

Google’s main priority is to deliver relevant search results to its users, and catches out people trying to manipulate the results.It is getting smarter and catching out sites that have attempted to cheat the system. Basically some sites have gotten good results from producing low quality content and creating links from site in attempt to fool google. Google regularly uncovers these sites and removes the linking sites and deindexing your site.
As a leading Central Coast SEO Agency, we work with top brands that already have good credibility by adding valued content to the web. Blulinks helps you write and deliver your content and online digital media in a way that gogle loves it and it will provide relevant information to your visitors.

Branding is so important in the online environment. I can guarantee you, your competitors are looking at ways to brand themselves more efficiently. At Blulinks we brand your business in a way the your most sought after customers find you and select you, over others on the same page.

One of the most effective ways to touch your customers is through the use of video marketing. Through this medium you can convey so much information and start the connecting stage before your clients even pick up the phone. It’s like they already trust you. This is a great way to help stand your business above the rest.

Blulinks constantly monitors you online progress and positioning, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Blulinks cares about your business and guarantees you will get found online. We take the time to sit with you and define your major client demographics,categories and serch keywords. We also ensure your content and presentation appeal to your target clients.
You can stop using Blulinks at any time.