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Why SEO and What May Be Holding You Back From More Online Traffic?

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1.) Your website is not generating enough business for you.

You may have tried a number of ways to generate extra business and leads, but still, traffic is a little slow, no email sign ups or sales coming in.

Solution:  Use SEO or a Paid service to create targetted traffic to your offers

2.) Is Your Site Penalised.

If your site has had previous Search Engine Optimisation done it may have a Google penalty. A Google spam penalty will still allow your site to show in the rankings, but unless rectified you will only be achieving pg 2 and beyond. Approx. 85% of traffic goes to the top 3 listing in the organic searches, 10% goes to the advertised sites the rest is usually distributed amongst the other sites on the front page.

Solution: Check for penalties and using disavow tool remove links in Google. Other option and sometimes cheaper – start again with new site and content.

3.) Stung By Previous SEO Promises

Many so-called SEO’s still operate on outdated methods that just don’t create results or at best get your site penalised.

Solution: In today’s online environment it takes time to rank for competitive keywords. All submissions are done manually and checked daily for improvements. The SEO game is a test, measure and proceed proposition. Through analysing competition, we can estimate what is required to take the number one spot and secure it for years to come. A competitive keyword usually takes a monthly financial commitment, not unlike Google AdWords but usually works out at about a third of the price.

4.) Time Constraints. Unable to Market your site yourself.

You simply don’t have the time in the day to master SEO and keep up with all the changes. You think “May be at a later date if someone can show me the way.”

Solution : Work with an SEO agency that will take the time to explain the process to you and show you how they have done it and how you can continue into the future or hire someone at a cheaper rate to do the job for you.

A credible SEO consultant can establish a base line for you and then hand the reigns over to you with simple guidelines. Every month you can get your SEO expert to do an analysis and let you know what is happening behind the scenes of your site.

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