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Online Advertising and Marketing

Online Advertising and Marketing

You know you need an online presence that gets your phone ringing and your door opening.

Surprised WomanBut it’s expensive to get the pros to do it and to do it yourself, well it just takes to much time
(which you haven’t got) and when you have done it yourself, you just didn’t get the results you
wanted for the hours you put in and you were left disappointed.

In today’s world two things in business seem to stand above all others and they are

1. Time   and

2. Cash flow

We never seem to have enough of either.

The internet is an essential part of your marketing strategy today and can be time and cash flow intensive.

So where do you start?

Lot of businesses start with a website. After the website is completed a
funny thing generally happens.

No traffic to your site, and usually the site hasn’t been indexed in the google listings.

A normal conversation with your web guy goes like this

You say. “What Do I do now” 

He says

“Hey, we need to do SEO. How much money have you got?” , and throws some ginormous figure at you and then you still have to add facebook, twitter,  youtube videos , google plus, google maps etc etc etc.

And then guess what
You have to run it all, the updates and content and mail outs.

Pretty soon you haven’t got the time to run your business , because you’re doing all this online
stuff that takes so much time,and you have to learn it all, and that bloody computer has a mind of its own, and won’t listen to anybody.

The question is after all this are you ranking for the keywords that really matter to your business.

Did your web guy tell you about keywords and how to find the best ones for your business.
Another thing you have to learn and probably buy some software to go with it. More stuff you
have to learn.

Remember what the two things that are important in businesses today were, Time and Cash flow.

The old approach sent you to the poor house in both categories.

Let me float a couple of options for you that can make your life a whole lot easier for you.

Option 1

Lease a WebSiteseo6

You hardly ever have to go to the computer to work on your online marketing for your business.

A specific site is designed with all your contact details and optimised for your type of business in your area with an opt in form, allowing for data base creation and instant contact to your new clients.

A facebook page, youtube channel with videos, twitter account and a google plus account all with your details.

Listed in google on first page for your local terms.

Essentially this is your complete online presence. We take care of

1. Designing The Site
2. Hosting
3. Domain acquisition
4. Keyword research
5. Updating and maintaining the site
6. Facebook pages and fan acquisition and interaction.
7. Youtube Channel and uploading videos
8. Google plus account
9. Seo optimisation on and off site
10.Monitoring ranking in search engines

Your Investment
This is a complete website presence you lease. Just like any other part of your business.

As a launch special Your lease is $200 per month minimum 3 months ( plus a one time fee of $200 to set up). After 3 months you can sign on for another 3 months or not. You choose.

Option 2

seo5Lease a webpage

You can lease a page in a site. The page is optimised and ranked in the search engines for your

Customers can easily find your business in the Google index when searching for your business and

Your investment
As a launch special your unique page is only $50 per month plus $100 one time set up fee.

Minimum 3 month contract.

Get in early and secure your business during the launch phase.and save $1000’s

Option 3

Have your own site designed and Marketed

International SEO consultant providing results worldwide.

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